Challenge number 1 – Crois en toi, answers

It is my pleasure to welcome all of you who are listening Crois en toi fm . In this series I will share some of my experiences as a piano teacher but also as a piano student .

I started playing piano when I was 11 years old .

My grandpa was a musician and that inspired me a lot.

Our today’s topic , it’s all about how to distinguish if the child you need to teach really wants to learn to play the piano.

And of course this applies to all cases. If the parent always wanted to play the guitar but his or her dream never came true then, his or her child MUST learn to play the guitar or any other instrument . This is the fulfillment of a parents dream ! Not child’s dream !

I can understand that it comes naturally for a parent to have this desire , but things are getting so difficult first for the child and after for the teacher .

Why? Well let’s discuss it !

Reason number 1

The child feels a lot of pressure to do something that he or she didn’t choose just only to thank his or her parent .

Reason number 2

Teacher’s role is very difficult , because tries very hard to inspire the child and at the same time understands that the child doesn’t enjoy anything.

In contrast he or she views piano lessons as another way to feel pressure this deprives the teacher of the will to keep trying to inspire the student .

Because unlike school lessons, music is something that the child should choose to engage in not as a forced process , but as a pleasurable creative activity!

Music-Pressure ! BIG MISTAKE

So !

Let’s give the solutions !

For the number one reason, we discussed ,

It may seem strange to you but stop forcing your child to learn to play a musical instrument simply because you had this desire once and never fulfilled it !

Maybe your child has a penchant for sports or another art form example painting.

I had a student who had a penchant for gymnastics .

She liked the piano but it was not something that filled her with joy so that she wanted to play the piano herself.

Well , what I did simply talked with her parents who understand that she had to choose what SHE wanted. Not what THEY wanted.

What about number 2 reason we discussed?

It may sound strange again , because I will tell you as a piano teacher I never wanted to have students that are forced to learn to play the piano . Even if I will lose a student , that means money, I don’t mind !

I’m not a typical piano teacher!

My opinion is that teachers are to inspire students not to be used as an extra tool for pressure!

It is nice to have student’s that love what they do! And believe me there is always way’s to inspire an unproductive student and there is also a way to understand the child you have in front of you or simply an unmotivated one or one that does not like the idea of playing an instrument because he/she prefers to do something else as a way to bring joy to him or her self !

You see MUSIC-JOY I like it now !

Beethoven likes it too ! Ode to joy

In the next challenge number 2 we will discuss…

How to distinguish the child who is not motivated to learn to play a musical instrument and how to distinguish the child who finds joy through another activity!

I will always use examples and experiences from the real life!

Until next time , don’t forget

Crois en toi! Believe in yourself !!!


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